Chinese mafia who was on the run for tax related fraud has finally sneaked into Zambia and reportedly hiding in Southern province.

Cheng is being aided by a Zambian national named Patrick Siabasimbi who is using President HH's name to call and intimidate police officers and ZRA officials that don't progress on this case.

According to sources at National Prosecutions Authority (NPA), the dockets where Cheng Zhigang was charged with fraud is also missing after Deputy Provincial investigations officer Francis Ntulile oiled some prosecutors handling the case.

Cheng Zhigang is the managing director of Great Stone Mining company in Kitwe who was on the run after claiming VAT refund from the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) he is not entitled to.

The state through ZRA has lost about 400,000 United States dollars after Cheng Zhigang informed his supplier Chi- Frica that he was appointed a tax agent to collect VAT refunds on behalf of ZRA when infact not.

Cheng Zhigang has been doing this for 7 years now with lots of companies, how much has Zambia lost if the country lost 400,000 US dollars from one transaction?

According to a letter from ZRA to police written by Catherine Chilambe who is director investigations, it shows that this Chinese crook has been working with corrupt ZRA officials who instead of giving VAT refunds to Chi-Frica who supplied the copper concentrate, instead paid the refunds to the buyer of the concentrate.

Using crooked police officers at Ndola Central Police, Cheng Zhigang managed to get his confiscated passport and flew out of the country after giving the Deputy Provincial Investigations Officer in Kitwe identified as Francis Ntulile a about K300,000 cash.

In June this year, former deputy IG called Ndola Central Police on a loudspeaker call in front of victim police officers present were a Mr. Ntalasha, Francis Ntulile, the Legal director and Deputy CID where Mr Ntulile was warned for releasing a suspect in such a criminal case.

The victim who owns Chi-Frica has complained with the manner in which police have been handling the case of theft, impersonation and taking pecuniary advantage by releasing the suspect from custody without any police bond or opening of a docket when the President made it clear that corruption in public offices must not be tolerated.

The same ZRA knocks on companies that delay to pay tax but are quite on a clear criminal cases that involves them, how does an institution like ZRA accept to pay VAT refunds to a company that is not entitled to? The president is not being helped in the corruption fight.

The same Cheng has been using ZRA to fix fellow Chinese on the Copperbelt that seem not to toil in his usual way of being crooked.

Even after committing such a crime, Cheng Zhigang and his company have continued to cut deals while he is in China and profits being externalised when the country has no money to pay teachers and health workers.

Cheng Zhigang runs a mafia gang that have put strategic offices on the Copperbelt in their pockets like that of Copperbelt chief state advocate under the NPA Gina Ngulube who has been giving opposite legal opinions to police officers and ZRA and in favour of Chinese evading tax.

The letters below show the amount ZRA charged a company belonging to Cheng Zhigang, then after paying the inspector K30, 000, that's is how the other 3 letters were presented as tax to be paid to ZRA, it shows that the country lost more than 2 million kwacha.

Read letter 1 to 5 and how tax amounting to 2.7 million was reduced to K100,000 just for an inspector to pocket 30,000


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