Edo businesswoman, Osawese Osakpolor, assaults and inflicts severe injuries on her 8-yr-old son for spoiling her DVD player

Video: Edo businesswoman a$$aults and infl¥cts severe inj¥ries on her 8-yr-old son for spoiling her DVD player 

A businesswoman and mother of four, Osawese Osakpolor, has been accused of a$$aulting and infl¥cting severe inj¥ries on her 8-year-old son for spoiling her DVD player.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Friday, March 31, in Ugbioko community, in Benin City, Edo State. 

According to a source who spoke with Instablog9ja, “On Friday, when she came back from the market where she sells food stuffs, she disclosed that her son, Osagie, had spoiled her DVD player. 

It happened that the boy switched on the DVD player while she was away and power fluctuated and spoiled it. 

This lady immediately started b£ating the boy, she also went as far as putting a knife on the fir£ and u$ed it to infl¥ct severe inj¥ries on him. 

Worst part is that she is not remorseful at all and has blatantly refused to take the boy to the hospital for proper medical attention. She didn’t even bother to buy him medicine. 

I was with her husband, the boy’s stepdad this morning and he confirmed everything. He was the one that pleaded that I help him snap and video the child so people know the kind of woman he has as a wife.” 

In the heartbreaking video obtained, Osagie narrated how his mom a$$aulted and inj¥red him with a hot knife over the DVD. The video shows the boy had b¥rnt inj¥res on his back, hand and tummy. 


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